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Terms of Use
1. The effect of the terms of use
The present ”Terms of use” determine the terms of using the website, available at maplecafeteria address. The following rules do not apply to other sites reached via maplecafeteria site, regardless of the nature of the service they provide , or the operator may be.

2. Parties
Provider: e-mail: User: the person using the services of the page, who is properly registered on the website. The name of the user during the communication on the site is „member”. The user can be only natural person.

3. The aim of the site, and the description of the service
The maplecafeteria website provides an interface for ordering meals, and paying for them, and for additional facilities. br>
4. Modifying the terms of use
The service provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify the terms of use. The service provider informs the users about modification before they come to force, by e-mail and at log-in.

5. To use the service registration is required
The facilities of the website are only available for registered users. Only natural persons are entitled to register. The datas, indicated in the registration page are required.

6. Password-usage, security
The password of the user contains at least six characters, publicity level is fixed, it is known only by the user. In order to avoid abuses, it is recommended to choose a higher security level, „strong” password, and keep that secret. The strength of the password is increased:
- If the password is no specific word of the user (first name, nickname, etc.)
- If the password is longer, than six characters,
- If the password contains lower case, and upper case characters as well,
The service provider is not liable for any abuses, which comes from the fact, that the user had not choosen an appropriate password, or let his password known by others. If the user forgets the password, and the user asks the service provider for new password, the service provider sends a new password to the e-mail addres given during the registration.

7. The services of the website
After the registration, the user is entitled to use the services of the website. The service provider reserves the right, that - in accordance with point 4. – modify the range of services.
- The full registration and administration of the student’s, and teacher’s catering.
- The inpayment, and modifying of the meals is quicker, closed, and easier to retrieve.
- On the profile of the students it can be recorded, which class they attend, and which refunding, aid category they belong to. It can be recorded separately, who has the meal for full price, and who receives any aid. The profile should be uploaded should be done only once.
- The performance fees, support types can be recorded in any number easily (50%, or 100% support). All the needed list reports are created automatically.
- If cashless payment methods are used, it is possible to use dining vouchers, or pay by credit card.
- The orders can be chosen from more menu types (Menu A, B), and it can be handled easily by the users in the program.
- Cancellations in case of illness can be also easily handled in the system. In this case it can be solved, that the refundable value in case of cancellation be handled at next order.

8. Restrictions associated with the service, the user’s responsibility
The user can use the site only at the own risk. The service provider is not responsible for any damages, bothers, which come from the fact, that the user during the usage of the website didn’t act with due diligence. The user can disclose or make available the self datas for others only at own risk. Each user is obliged to refrain from any action which prevents normal use of the site. Each user is obliged to refrain from any action, that harms the provider’s interests. The user is particularly refrain from the following actions:
- Refrain from the disturbing, and hindrance of the site’s functioning
- Refrain from such activity, which is directed to obtain the provider’s business secrets, or privatly managed informations, or to use these informations.
- Refrain from any such communication forms, which carry false information concerning the service.
- Refrain from any such activities, which endanger the informatic security of the website,
- Refrain from any such activities, which are directed to advertise the services of the own, or of other people.
In addition, the provider may place further restrictions on the users, what the provider informs the users about.

9. Procedure in the case of the injurious conduct of the user
If the user breaches the terms of use, the service provider is entitled to suspend, or delete the registration of the user. If a legal procedure is started against the user by a legal authority, the service provider is entitled to hand over the informations about the users to the proceeding authorities, in accordance with the legislation governing the procedure in question.

10. The responsibility of the service provider, the exclusion of warranties
The service provider agrees to use all reasonable measures in order to avoid interrupting service and continuity. Powers, set out in the preceding paragraphs (terms of use, modifying services, measures against users etc.) can be effected primarily in order to reach these goals, and in order to adapt the service to meet the needs of the customers. The service provider take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the users' datas. The service provider is not responsible for such datas of the user , which are made public by the user self. The provider informs the user of any suspension or cancellation of the registration, regardless of cause, and will seek cooperation with the users, to settle disputes by peaceful means. The provider strives to turn aside any disruptions, operational problems if there are any, however may not be made responsible for them.

11. Enforcement of rights
The users can submit complaints directly to the service provider, who does his best in order to solve, or remedy any incidental injurias. In other cases, the user can validate his rights in accordance with the legislation in force, and the service provider gives information about its method. We reserve all rights, which are specially not granted here.

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